We have some really wonderful friends that are parents/grandparents and when we stopped by their ranch on the beautiful Snoqualmie river in the state of Washington over the weekend, our friend had such a fun story to tell us about his wife and her sister.

Off to see Mickey and Minnie:

We were told the two sisters got the idea together and planned a surprise holiday to Disneyland for three of their nephews, nieces and a cousin to. The kids were asked to grab their clothing for the weekend and that they were going to the river ranch for the July 4th festivities. We had just arrived at their property and our dear friend had just gotten off the phone as his wife, her sister and the four kids were boarding the plane to take off from Seattle to Los Angeles.

I asked, “Didn’t the kids ask why they were going to the airport?”. “Actually I asked the same thing” he mentioned. Apparently it wasn’t until they were pulling up at the airport that one of the kids asked why they had to go to the airport first?

There was their Aunt holding silver charms that were Disneyland tokens in her hand and boarding passes in the other. You can only imagine the yelps of glee from the surprised kids.

Honestly, I was jumping up and down cheering just hearing the story. Can it get any happier than that I ask you? I just think of the fantastic imprint that these kids have for their lives to revisit in their childhood memory bank. Every July 4th, they will remember the year they went to Disneyland.

Life can be hard. As an Aunt, Uncle, or Grandparents, how wonderful it is to be able to participate in a young persons upbringing. This is a feel good story of how these kids will be able to have an expectant heart that good things will be happening. They can project their positive attitude out into their future, and enjoy the benefits of their approach to life.
Photo: ‘gone fishing’ PKM




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