Wow, the Internet is a big cyberspace. It reminds me of the Star Wars movie when we follow the characters through the huge cavern of the spaceship landing and take off area. The scene of that world in space is so huge, bigger than anything any of us have seen in real life to date. It makes you take a breath. Then Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia turn and walk to the landing pad edge of the spaceship and looking over their shoulder out into the galaxy we see a trillion stars and feel the enormity of the vastness of space.

When I started my blog and ventured out into that vast space I was so impressed with all of the talented journalists and writers with their various areas of interest and expertise. It can actually be overwhelming because there is so much content available to read. I find that inspirational jewelry can be a reassurance when I am feeling slightly disconnected with the varying ideologies and story telling that is out there on the web to read.

Before launching my blog I tended my own garden and have worked on being the best that I can be. My garden is small and it is a constant job just to keep the weeds out and grow healthy ideas. Now that I have been exposed to the plethora of business successes in the realm of positive thinking I see how small I am in this ocean of space.

I almost felt bad for a minute, feeling the competitive or the masculine shadow start to judge myself. When that happens and make no mistake the tests are always there in our subconscious to pass or fail, I just say no.

There is always going to be someone or something to measure yourself against, and for me I just stop it immediately and move along to a positive loving thought. This is what the grace of age offers to us as a gift. Inspirational jewelry can offer that focal point and act as a reminder of what really counts, what really matters.

I know the universe is out there and for myself I can only be true to what makes me unique as a human being. I can only work in my garden of ideas and not get distracted or lose focus as to my purpose.

“We can do no great things~only small things with great love”.
-Mother Teresa
Roman Catholic Missionary

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