In Classical Feng Shui teachings it is taught that the concept of the Universe is comprised of three levels of Cosmic Order: Heaven luck, Earth luck, and Man luck. The Chinese view this order influences all beings in our universe. They are believed to be intertwined and work harmoniously with each other. So the question is where does a lucky charm fit into this equation or is it really the language of consciousness.

Heaven Luck: is explained as destiny with a dose of luck thrown in. We are born with this fate; it is explained that we cannot change this part that affects one third and bit of our lives.

Man Luck: is what we achieve through hard work, education, perseverance, virtues and our deeds. This affects roughly one third of our lives and it is a largely controllable aspect brought about by the choices we make in our lives.

Earth Luck: is where we are taught that Feng Shui can play a factor. It is the art of harnessing the energy or forces of nature. This last one third and a bit is left solely to our choice and will to enhance our lives. It is explained in Feng Shui teachings that one can induce the positive aspects conferred by Heaven Luck.

I remember years back on public T.V. seeing a show on Feng Shui and for brevity’s sake I will call it Western Style. On the show they were selling a kit with Feng Shui tools, I believe it was referred to, and included was a lucky charm that was actually very attractive. In answer to a question posed, the female host of the show stated: “yes, if you have good design, you will more than likely have good Feng Shui”. In my years of working with this Art form I can agree with this statement as blanket as it may sound.

If you have good design, I can assure you that the three forces of Heaven, Man and Earth, are at play with each other in perfect harmony. The language of this “good placement” will result in a psychologically healthy environment.

Photo: ‘water trail’ PKM



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