Decorating using the five elements applied to Feng Shui can be fun and yield a beautiful balanced flowing space. The first thing you will need to do is to start working with the elements to understand how the energy is working in your Feng Shui home.

It is an important tool to balance the elements in Feng Shui and will take the guesswork out of why your space does not feel the equality of the masculine and feminine energy.

The five elements are : Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood. Typically when all of these elements are used in decorating with Feng Shui a space will have a very pleasing affect visually and psychologically.

Practice working with the five elements listed and in time you will be using them without a second thought at your home, work or wherever you travel. It is what is referred to as using your Feng Shui senses.

The Fire element is found in:
:All lighting, including candles, natural sunlight, fireplaces
:Things made from animals, fur, leather, bone, feathers
:Pets and wildlife
:Shapes, triangles and stars
:The red spectrum of colors
:Art with people or animals, color red, triangles, sunlight, fire

The Earth element is found in:
:Ceramic objects
:Cement, sand,
:All rocks and stones, marble, granite
:Natural crystals, rocks, gemstones
:The yellow and earthen spectrum of colors
:Shapes, squares and long flat surfaces
:Art with Earth landscapes, fields,

The Metal element is found in:
:All metals, stainless steel, copper, brass, iron, silver and gold
:The white and light icicle pastel spectrum of colors
:Shapes, circle, oval and arch
:Art made from metal or stone

The Water element is found in:
:Rivers, pools, fountains, and water features
:Mirrors, crystal, glass
:The black and and dark colors as well as blue
:Shapes, flowing, asymmetrical shapes

The Wood element is found in:
:Wood furniture, trees, plants, flooring, decks
:Art with flowers, gardens, plants
:The green spectrum of colors
:Shapes, columnar shape, poles, and rectangle

You can create a variety of combinations for your Feng Shui home by using furnishings, colors, and shapes that refer to each element.

As an inspiration for instance, you can use a mirror (water element) with a plant (wood element) and place it in a ceramic pot (earth element), with a candle (fire element) and have the candle holder made out of iron (metal element). In this arrangement you have used all five elements.

Look around your room and count up the elements. In time you will begin to see the elements that are not represented and be able to balance the energy of your Feng Shui home. Working with the five elements creates a psychologically healthy home. The subconscious symbolism of your artwork and specific placement of the five elements will provide a sanctuary for your spirit to thrive in.

Photo: ‘still life’ PKM



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