I had an interesting email after my Mothers Day post where I introduced “The Dangle” as my latest offering for positive thinking. Here it is: “Hi Rena, I checked out your press release, it’s good, but don’t forget us guys, after Mothers Day. This fob doesn’t just appeal to women, lot’s of conscious individuals including Men want the inspiration.” RM.
My vision for the inspirational charm as a unique gift for Men is a work in progress.
I have one sample in HEALTH and the fob is a chunky 1 inch in size and that is as far as I have gotten. I am working on creating an offering with keys and cars.

Now that we are on this subject:

I also am creating the fob in a smaller size as well, around 3/8” with an exquisite chain offering. I thank you for your comments and really enjoy hearing from you. The “Dangle” is of course available to Men in the current size fob, but I do want to develop the larger size fob as well.

Fathers Day is always a fun time to look around for things that Dad would like and enjoy. I don’t know about you but I find Fathers Day, like Mothers Day, includes unique gift ideas that some years are more memorable than others.

One memorable year that comes to mind is when I had this great idea to gift our parents a whale watching tour. I thought by pooling our money together and getting something big was a great idea and I talked my siblings into this gift. My inspiration was seeing an Orca whale in the Aquarium at the local Zoo and thought to myself “wouldn’t that be great to see that thing in the wild’?

That is twenty years ago now, and Eco Tourism here in the Great Northwest was still getting its image and resources together. It was still reserved for the Greenpeace type.

I found a company that did tours out of Tofino B. C. which is a small fishing town on the west coast of Vancouver Island at the most westerly tip. Actually, if you don’t know where that is, and to enjoy this fully, get a map of the world and find Canada. Now go to the left of Canada and find British Columbia – it’s the province that is on the coastline – rugged, beautiful and intense in its geography. See the island that is nestled right on the U.S.A. and Canada border? That is Vancouver Island, and if you look on the left half way up you will see Tofino.
It’s right on the water and nothing but wide open ocean all the way to Asia. This is also a well- known area for whales to be found cruising through on their migratory paths. Cool eh? That’s where we gifted our parents to go sightseeing for whales….

When they did get home and I thank God every day for bringing them back safely, they had quite an adventure indeed. It seems that the whales were not cruising close to the coastline and the boat had to keep going farther and farther out, and there were waves. Yes, they did see whales but my parents had this completely wild look in their eyes as they were recounting their unique gift in a story to us. I believe they did mention somewhere in the conversation something about being more comfortable on a cruise liner – if we had anymore “big” ideas – all eyes pointing in my direction.

If you visit Tofino B. C. now you will find the beautiful Wickaninnish Inn to stay at and enjoy the pounding surf and the awe of nature in its wildest yet most behaved form.

Happy Fathers Day….Dad.

Photo: “wild thing” by PKM




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