Excuse me? I mean pardon me, I don’t think I heard you correctly? “Oh, yes, well , let me rephrase that,” the voice said on the other end of the telephone. “I want you to Feng Shui my boyfriend to marry me”. Long pause….. “What exactly is your experience that you would think that Feng Shui could do something like that, I asked.” “ I just want to get married and I thought maybe Feng Shui could do that for me,” the voice replied, now with a noticeable quiver.

I explained to this young woman that you cannot use a Feng Shui home to manipulate someone into marrying you. Sometimes you will find lead-ins saying “Find love with Feng Shui” but at the end of the day it really is about improving the yin and yang balance of your living space. If Feng Shui could get women married, believe me it would be on the front cover of the Economist magazine, not to mention on Oprah.

“If you want to fall in love, fall in love with yourself first” I said, “and if you want me to help you balance your space I will be more than happy to share my knowledge with you.”
We did work together on her space to balance the female and masculine energies, but I did get the feeling that she would have preferred that I was a psychic or at the very least had a rabbit up my sleeve. The subconscious symbolism of love can be woven into a Feng Shui sanctuary with the use of art love images and statues and candles. Work with pairs for best results.

The most common thing I encounter in single women’s spaces is there is very little set up for two people. You need to consciously set up a space~ no matter how small ~for the “two” of you. The classic situation is only having entry to one side of the bed. As I explained to the woman I was working with, you want to have a night stand on both sides of the bed, and “no” they do not have to match, in fact if you are short on cash start with a row of books on his side with a small lamp on it for starters. The important part of this is not only creating the space for a partner, but more importantly honoring the masculine and feminine part of your psychological make up. When you only have one light and one exit, you are only seeing and acting as a singular not a plural.

A few years ago I was invited to participate in a beta group with Jean-Pierre LeBlanc who is a business /relationship coach. I had a lot of questions as in Feng Shui we are always dealing with the masculine and female, otherwise known as ‘yang’ and ‘yin,’ to enhance the flow of energy. The group explored the female and male mechanics of our motivations and I am grateful for the knowledge that Jean-Pierre shared with us over the three month period. His book “the one minute goddess” outlines in brief that within our emotions are choices of being in our authentic feminine light self or our dark feminine self. The purpose or key to the “one minute goddess” book Jean-Pierre writes, is to bring your conscious awareness to the energy you run at any given moment.”

If you want to fall in love, check in with yourself and see that you are available emotionally, and create a space energetically that is inviting for someone to stay awhile. Your Feng Shui home will be an authentic expression of yourself by creating a space that flows with balance.

photo credit: “two bird” Randall Friedman



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