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I am at the beauty salon today getting “beautified” and had a chance encounter with the May issue of O Magazine and a short story entitled ‘Finding Ashton’ written by author Melissa Pritchard. This short story tells of her relationship with a young 21 year old U.S. female soldier in Afghanistan, whose name is Ashton Goodman. I was compelled to write about this because of the positive affirmations that Ashton was able to articulate about her life here on planet earth. Thru Melissa Pritchard’s own grieving process of her parents’ deaths she ended up with the opportunity to visit Afghanistan and she details an amazing account of who is on the front lines of freedom, as we know it.

So, that is where I got to in the article when I was summoned to come over to the washstand to get my hair shampoo. I looked up at the technician and wanted to ask for just another five minutes of reading time, but with a full salon how could I? So I reluctantly put Oprah down and got my hair washed, skipped the scalp massage then jumped back up and walked briskly back to where I was sitting only to find someone else was now reading the Oprah magazine. I really wanted to know what happened to Ashton and had only got to the part of this beautiful person sharing her tattoo Studium Nunquam Intero-“spirit never dies” with Melissa and I was really taken with Ashtons layered levels of positive affirmations in her dialogue. Her favorite song by Bon Jovi “Never Say Die”, was just one of many and Ashton adds “never quit, death is just a part of life and brotherhood and camaraderie are paramount”.
I passed on the blow dry as well, left the salon and with wet hair under my hat ran down the street to the corner store to buy the magazine to read it, only to find that the June issue of Oprah was now on the stands. I went home and got online to the O magazine site and found the article “Finding Ashton” and was able to read the rest of the story. Sadly, Ashton was another casualty of the War and it made me realize how brave she was and that I am a better person for reading her story and that her life had bigger meaning in a way that she could not have imagined. It is well worth the read. You will see how Melissa Pritchard so eloquently writes to us about the value of positive thinking and how positive affirmations play out in our “daily” lives.

Thank you Melissa for the story and a prayer of love to you Ashton.

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