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You can decorate your “space” with positive affirmations from your own artwork collection to have a home that will look beautiful and feel amazing.
This is accomplished by creating focal points or vignettes. When I am working with a client on redesigning their space, or “shuffling the energy” as I call it, I will refer to it as creating altars. I say this because I am not using new inventory from a store, but using the person’s existing pieces for their highest purpose. We all buy in themes, and if you take a look at your personal artwork and count what you repeatedly purchase you will start to notice your own focus.

Val Sharp Founder, Canadian Redesigners Association book “The Art of Redesign” is a great resource for getting started on your way. The U.S.A. sister association is I.R.I.S and both associations hold the same level of commitment and dedication from their members. The Canadian Redesigners Association Charity “Creating spaces for ovarian patients” is to give women the haven that is necessary for optimum spiritual healing.

The most important area to start with is your front entrance, for this is the main energy area for your home. If we were to translate this to your body it would be your mouth.
You will want to take a look at your front door area and see what is there now. What you want to achieve is a way to slow the energy down and invite it to stop. Using artwork that is pleasing can do this; it will let you emotionally “slow” and take in the first set of positive affirmations. In addition to artwork, you can use a mirror and small chair, a bench, or a small/large table and a vase.

You will know you have achieved the right balance of flow, by actually observing your friends who would normally walk in the front door and breeze right through. Now they will now take a beat, stop, quickly glance around, and then they will continue into your home.

For optimum results only work with pieces you presently own. To your friends coming into your home it will be great design with ‘positive affirmations’ and you personally will benefit from the results on a energetic level.

photo: ‘waterfall’ randallfriedman




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