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Mothers Day gifts are always filled with so much love and emotion. As I have talked with friends about this important day, it’s pretty much unanimous in feeling that whatever you do it never feels like enough. It’s kind of like the movie “To Sir with Love”, where gratefulness is very hard to articulate. I think most children will agree that it is a lot easier to show appreciation every day, so when this day of honor shows up every year one is not so compelled to express a year of “thank-you” in one day. Ask any Mother and she will more than likely express gratitude for a healthy child. Mothers show by example and teach us thru how they live their life day to day.

“Dalai Lama” “Quote”
“Our experiences and feelings are mainly related to our bodies and our mind. We know from our daily experience that mental happiness is beneficial. For instance, though two people may face the same kind of tragedy, one person may face it more easily than the other due to his or her mental attitude.”

For myself, Mothers Day is a celebration of all the Mom’s out there shaping the next generation of great minds. My Mom passed over in 2002, and I always find someone else’s Mom to say hi to, and include a Mothers Day gift on the day.

This year is special though for me because I am launching my lastest Feng Shui inspired accessory “The Dangle” with a press release for Mothers Day gifts.

This one is for you Mom. Happy Mothers Day.

You can click on this link to view the press release.




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