Welcome, greetings and hello. Thanks for visiting my blog and reading my first post. It’s been pretty exciting around here with the launch of my latest feng shui inspired accessory “The Dangle”, and it is with that introduction that I decided to launch my blog too. This venue is a natural extension of my website in that I can share my genuine enthusiasm on life. Too often a event has happened or a “idea”, and I see the need to convey my thoughts on the benefits of balance and flow on the interior and exterior scape of our lives. Now I can share with you my newest directions, ideas and my inspired thoughts about Feng Shui and my inspirational jewelry collection. I would like to take this moment to invite you to view my video where I introduce myself and my Feng Shui inspired accessory “The Dangle”.

The video is just 3 minutes, enjoy!

photo: ‘Mare’ PKM



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