Hello & Welcome!

Rena CampbellI’m Rena C. Campbell – a designer and founder of Talk To The Turtle.

I’ve been fascinated by good design & simple beauty for my entire life: from my early days as a clothing designer, to my 20+ year career as a film & TV costumer.

These days, I design inspirational jewelry, charms & tokens of peace & positivity, for people like you.

I believe we all share the desire for harmony and balance in our lives. Whether your path is mapped out, or hidden from your view and seemingly chaotic, we all have to walk our own way.

Through offering unique inspirational jewelry, I endeavour to provide a way for people to experience a positive impact on their lives.

Making art has helped me through some dark times. Wearing art reminds me to focus on the bright possibilities. I hope it reminds you, too.

Because no matter what you’re going through – beauty is all around you. We just need to be reminded.



P.S. Curious about how I became a designer? Wondering what I’ll be creating, next? My (evolving) story is here