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Inspirational Charms and Jewelry Enhance Mindful Beauty! is a joyful blending of western thought with the inspiration of the ancient art of Feng Shui.

Welcome to a favourite place on the Internet where you can discover inspirational accessory products . . . paths in Feng Shui philosophy.

More than mere good luck charms or handmade beaded jewelry, these unique necklaces and fob charms by artist and designer Rena C. Campbell, share inscriptions of the corresponding positive affirmations for each of the nine mindful paths. With the wearer's intention and focus, the affirmations on our unique handcrafted jewelry accomplish more than usual inspirational jewelry.

Psychologists, as well as spiritual healers, say it may be easier to accomplish self-affirmation with the inclusion of a focal point. Rena C. Campbell's artful offering of nine positive paths lovingly rendered in silver on an inspirational charm, provide that focus.

Whether you are looking for a personal affirmation tool or are showing someone that you care; words are indeed powerful, which is why they are utilized on our inspirational jewelry as affirmations.

Through offering beautiful and thoughtful inspirational jewelry, we endeavour to provide a way for people to experience a positive impact on their lives.

Thank you for visiting us today. Whatever path you choose, we know it will bring you fulfillment. Beauty. Create. Play.

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